Achatina fulica (Ferussac, 1821)

Giant African land snail
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Description 1

Large snail (up to 30 cm in length, 10 cm in diameter and more than 30 grams). Cone-shaped, fairly pointed shell that is twice as long as it is wide, it has 6-9 grooved spirals and the colour is generally light brown or reddish, with brown or yellowish streaks or brown/dark lines. Dark brown or dotted brown mantle, although this is occasionally pale cream.

Biology 1

Hermaphrodite species: after mating, the sperm can be stored allowing for various laying periods from one mating. They are fertile from 5-6 months, with 100 eggs entering the substrate in the first year and more than 500 in the second. Their activity depends on the humidity and the temperature, they are able to hibernate for large periods of time. They are omnivores, although tend to be very voracious herbivores.

Habitat 1

They are present in a large array of habitats: agricultural areas, coasts, forests, scrub land, wooded areas, wetlands and even urban environments. They prefer areas that are rich in calcium carbonate.

Sources 1

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