Asparagus asparagoides (L.) Druce.

Bridal creeper
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Description 1

A violotile shrub, erect to decumbent that climbs up to 1.5 m in height. Tuberous roots, curling stalks and membranous leaves. Inflorescence in axillary umbels with 1-3 (4) bell-shaped flowers, 5-7 white tepals with a green abaxial mark of 1-1.5 mm. The fruit is a 6-8 mm red berry. Seeds 1-4 (6). It flowers in the spring and summer.

Biology 1

It reproduces both by seeds (various hundreds per plant) and vegetatively (rhizome division). Bushy, perennial, rhizomatous, crawling plant with an unknown lifespan. In the summer the above-ground branches may get dry and disappear, being replaced after rain with new stalks that emerge from the underground rhizomes.

Habitat 1

The edges of old, medium altitude agriculture estates, on the outskirts of altered forests, inhabiting alongside reed beds, native cactus plantations, brambles, etc.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species, Data base of species introduced in the Canary Island

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