Bufo marinus L.

Cane toad, marine toad
Bufo_marinus_01 Bufo_marinus_02

Description 1

Large toad (up to or over 15 cm long). Variable colour, from grey to brown, reddish brown and olive green. Cream coloured chest with brown or black marks. Rough skin with warts with ridges that run from above the eyes down to the snout. Short legs with fleshy webbing at the base of the toes. Large parotid gland behind each eye. Golden eyes with a horizontal pupil.

Biology 1

Terrestrial and nocturnal habits, from tadpoles that feed on algae and plant matter, to adults that are ravenous predators that consume anything they can swallow. That includes invertebrates, reptiles, other amphibians, birds and small mammals. They lay more than 35,000 eggs which hatch 48-72 hours later. The tadpoles turn into toads between 10 to 180 days old.

Habitat 1

Great ecological plasticity, being able to inhabit urban and rural environments, lakes, ponds, etc. They need areas with water to be able to lay their eggs (preferably slow waters).

Sources 1

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