Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T.Aiton

Apple of Sodom
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Description 1

Small perennial tree with white, milky sap. A fairly erect stem, with a cork-like, yellow-grey bark. Large, leathery leaves (up to 20 x 15 cm) that are opposing by pairs. The flowers appear in axillary inflorescence in a striking violet colour. Green fruit in large, inflated follicles.

Biology 1

Moderately quick growth; depending on the conditions, it is fruit baring from 4-5 years. It reproduces via seeds. It is regularly fruit bearing, with fruit with various levels of maturity generally appearing simultaneously, these produce fertile seeds all year long. These seeds are dispersed considerable distances via the wind.

Habitat 1

They occasionally appear in the halophytic coastal stretch and in the coastal sands of the Canary Islands. Agricultural lands and green areas of anthropic origin. Occasionally in areas of xerophyte bushland of the altitudinal zonation. Urban and wooded areas (road embankments, building sites and dumping sites).

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species.

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1

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