Carcinus maenas L.

Shore crab, European green shore crab
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Description 1

Medium sized crab (adults up to 6 cm large and 9 cm wide). Pentagon shaped carapace, which is somewhat curved and smooth with five spines that run laterally from each side of the front edge. Large, asymmetric claws. Widened legs in the shape of pallets, apart from the last set of legs whose last digit is sharp. A brown or green colour, with yellow-orange claws and legs.

Biology 1

They reproduces in winter and the beginning of spring, just after they shed their shells. Fertilisation of the ova a while after copulation, this takes place in the ovary or a special incubating cavity. The females carry the eggs until the larvae hatches. Voracious omnivore with a large tolerance to saline variations, water temperature and types of habitat. It is mainly known for being a predator of molluscs.

Habitat 1

Intertidal and sub-tidal habitat of up to 200 m in depth in nearly all substrates and environments, estuaries, muddy or sandy areas, intertidal ponds, among rocks and algae. It is common to find it with the Saculina carcini barnacle parasite, especially in samples that live in infra-littoral environments.

Sources 1

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