Bursaphelenchus xylophilus (Steiner and Buhrer, 1934) Nickle, 1970

Pine wood nematod
Bursaphelenchus_xylophilus_01 Bursaphelenchus_xylophilus_02

Description 1

Xylophage nematode that cannot be determined simply by looking, molecular analysis is needed. Female: elevated cephalic region, with 6 salient lips; at the base of the stylet there are nodules or small inflammations; the lobe of the oesophageal glands is narrow, 3-4 times longer than the body width. Male: large, very arched spicule; the apex is round; sharp, very developed rostrum.

Biology 1

A xylophage species that lives and feeds on the inside of pine woods and other coniferous trees. When a tree is infected (generally pine trees), it becomes yellow and then the needles wilt, particularly in the branches on the highest third of the tree, although this then spreads out over the entire tree. The vector insect is a beetle from the Monochamus family.

Habitat 1

Found in both natural and repopulated forests, generally in pine trees and other coniferous trees.

Sources 1

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