Cylindropuntia spp. ((Engelm.) F.M.Knuth)

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Description 1

Succulent shrub, sometimes arborescent, it is strong and very branched from the base, with ascending and umbelliform branches. Cylindrical, glabrous, green-grey knuckles, with prominent longitudinal or oval ribs or tubers. Areolaes with a varying number of strong spines. Waxy, cup-shaped flowers that can be red, magenta, green-yellow, yellow and sometimes white. Fleshy or dry almost spherical fruit, although it is sometimes cylindrical or disk-shaped.

Biology 1

Crassulacean Acid Metabolism and sexual and vegetative reproduction (the shoots are able to take root).

Habitat 1

There are various species in Spain: C. imbricata, C. rosea, C. spinosior, C. tunicata. They are distributed in arid conditions, degraded bushlands, abandoned fields and fallow lands close to the sea. They are very resistant to drought and frost, but they need well drained soils and direct sunlight.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species and Document sheets of the Exotic Invasive Species Act 630/2013 (GEIB)

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1

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