Dikerogammarus villosus (Sowinsky, 1894)

Killer shrimp

Description 1

A fresh water amphipod with a length of up to 30 mm. An arched body, that is laterally compressed and semi-transparent. Two pairs of antennae. Variable colouring, with stripes, marks or uniformed bands. Big, powerful jaws. Large and dense setae on the flagellum, but not on other parts of the antenna II. Dorsal tubers in segments I and II of the abdomen, with 3-5 spikes.

Biology 1

Predatory omnivore that can feed on many macroinvertebrates, including other species of the Gammbaridae family. High fertility and a great environmental tolerance.

Habitat 1

Littoral rock and other hard substrates, littoral sediments, infra-littoral rock and other hard substrates, sub-littoral sediments, communities at the edge of the high tide on sandy beaches, still, natural water bodies, flowing water bodies such as rivers and streams.

Sources 1

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