Egeria densa Planch.

Large-flowered waterweed, Brazilian waterweed
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Description 1

A bushy, aquatic plant which is submerged apart from the flowers. Stalks that are up to 2 m long, with spear-shaped leaves that are 1-4 cm long and 2-5 mm wide. It can be distinguished from the Elodea canadensis due to the fact that its leaves have 4-6 whorls, apart from in the lower section where they may have 3. A dioecious plant. Its white flowers have three petals that are located at the end of a long penduncle and float on the water.

Biology 1

It mainly reproduces in a vegetative way as the fragments from the stalks are transported and take root easily. It does not cope well with pollution, or particularly shaded areas.

Habitat 1

It prefers still or slow flowing waters and is found in fresh water rivers, swamps and altered environments.

Sources 1

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