Elaphe guttata L.

Corn snake
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Description 1

An up to 1.8 m long snake with a thin but robust body, a short, round snout, large eyes with a round pupil and large scales on the head. Smooth dorsal scales, and pronounced ventral keel. The pattern of its colour is very variable, they are most commonly orange or brown-orange with light triangular marks that are red with a black edge (these can also be brown, grey, yellowish, orangey and even albino, with red marks of varying intensity).

Biology 1

They are a general predator, and as they are not poisonous they suffocate their prey, killing them by blocking the air flow. They are most active at night, as well as at dawn and dusk.

Habitat 1

They are a very adaptable land or partial-forest species, inhabiting clear, sunny forests but they can also be found in agricultural areas, meadows and urban environments.

Sources 1

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