Elodea canadensis Michx.

Canadian waterweed, pondweed
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Description 1

A bushy, aquatic, submerged, perennial, dioecious plant with white roots that are feathery and not branched. Large, flexible stalks that are 20-30 cm long, branched and very dense. Three whorls with sessile, oblong-linear leaves that are a dark, translucent green colour with a softly jagged edge. Female flowers with sepals and petals (white) of some 2-3 mm.

Biology 1

Flowers from May to August. In Europe there are only female specimens, thus they reproduce asexually by stalk fragments that take root. They do not cope well with pollution and they prefer eutrophic, calcareous water with a PH balance between 6.5-10 and a temperature between 10-25 oC.

Habitat 1

They prefer still or slow flowing water, and do not cope with pollution or a lot of shade. They can live in considerable depth, up to 14 metres.

Sources 1

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