Fallopia baldschuanica (Regel) Holub

Russian vine, Bukhara fleece flower, Chinese fleece vine, silver lace vine
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Description 1

Woody liana up to 4 m long with glandular twigs. Simple leaves that are slightly cordate at the base with an indented or slightly indented edge, 2.5-10X1.5-6 cm. Dense panicle, axillary or terminal inflorescence, in fascicles of more than 5 flowers. Not very visible brown-red bracts of some 2 mm. Numerous, small, white or pink, perianth flowers of 4-7 mm with external, widely winged tepals.

Biology 1

Flowers from May to October. It reproduces both by seed and asexually by means of natural layering and via rhizomes. It resists very well to intense cold. It needs a certain amount of humidity, thus in Mediterranean climates it seeks soils with a more favourable water regime.

Habitat 1

It generally invades fairly wooded environments such as ditches, the sides of paths, walls and ruins etc. although it can also be found in natural riparian environments. In our country it appears dispersed in fairly isolated places, especially in the northern half of the country, proving to have an emergent invasive character.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species.

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1


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