Ficopomatus enigmaticus (Fauvel, 1923)

Australian tubeworm
Ficopomatus_enigmaticus_01 Ficopomatus_enigmaticus_02

Description 1

Serpulid polychaete with a symmetrical body that has a diameter of 1-2 mm and is up to 3 cm long. It creates white-coloured calcareous tubes with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 2 cm. The tubes are somewhat dilated at their open end and have visible rings that are irregularly spaced out along its body. When it feeds it displays a crown of 12-20 grey, green or brown, ramified branchial feathers.

Biology 1

They form extensive colonies both in natural and artificial substrates, eventually forming calcareous reefs. They are particularly characteristic in environments with a salinity level of 35 to 10 ppm. They are also exceptionally found in fresh water.

Habitat 1

Generally salty rivers, lakes and lagoons.

Sources 1

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