Harmonia axyridis (Pallas, 1773)

Harlequin, multi-coloured Asian ladybird, Asian ladybeetle
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Description 1

Ladybird with an oval, convex body of 7-8 mm long and 4-7 mm wide. Its head is black, yellow, or black with yellow marks. The pronotum is cream with black marks that may be 4 black spots, 2 curved lines, a black mark in the shape of an M, or a black trapezoid shape. Red, yellow-orange or even black elytra. Variable number of black spots on the carapace (0-21).

Biology 1

It feeds on different types of insects such as louse and scale insects, etc. as well as fruit and pollen. It can have up to 4 generations a year, with each female producing up to 3,800 eggs in a lifetime. During breeding season, adults can migrate large distances, this has added to its successful colonisation.

Habitat 1

Agricultural areas, natural forests, river banks, forestry plantations, urban areas (widely distributed). Colonises a wide range of habitats. It tends to spend the winter in buildings where it gathers in dark, isolated places.

Sources 1

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