Hedychium gardnerianum Shepard ex Ker Gawl.

Kahili ginger
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Description 1

Bushy, perennial, rhizomatous plant of up to 2 m tall. Shiny, alternate, green, subsessile leaves that are 25-45 cm long and 10-15 cm wide and spear-shaped or elliptical. Very short leave stalks, some 1-2 cm with membranous ligules. Bright yellow flowers with a large, bright red stamen, they are perfumed with 3 large "petals" (tepals) that fuse at the base in a narrow tubular.

Biology 1

Sexual reproduction and in a vegetative way (by stolons). It prefers humid, well-drained soil but it is an ecologically very versatile species, tolerating the shade and the heat as well as poor and fertile soil.

Habitat 1

Riparian shrub lands and peatlands, flat, coniferous and evergreen forests, rocky areas of vegetation.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species and Document sheets of the Exotic Invasive Species Act 630/2013 (GEIB)

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1


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