Didymosphenia geminata ((Lyngbye) M.Schmidt i A. Schmidt 1899)

Rock snot, didymo
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Description 1

Unicellular, fresh water diatom algae. The cell walls are hard and made up of silica, with prominent stretch marks that make intricate patterns. It produces dense mucilaginous masses due to the creation of an extracellular polymer. The stalks of this mucopolysaccharide end in an adhesive brown-yellow-white "foam" that attaches to the substrate.

Biology 1

The polymers produce dense mucilaginous layers of some 3 cm thick and up to 20 km long that can cover entire riverbeds. It has been proven that this species spreads particularly in controlled water channels, being able to support great caudal variations that other species of algae cannot.

Habitat 1

It inhabits shallow, clear, sunny waters, with moderate currents, that are cold and poor in nutrients with rocky substrates, although they can also appear in warmer waters with a higher amount of nutrients. It can survive in cold climates outside of the water for up to 40 days.

Sources 1

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