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Mimosa, acacia, French acacia, blue wattle, silver wattle
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Description 1

Evergreen that rarely exceeds 15 m. Pinnate leaves of up to 10 cm with 10-26 pairs of pinnae, each with about 20-50 pairs of pinnules. Inflorescence in globose glomerules of some 5 mm in diameter, grouped in a raceme. Yellow flowers with a bell shaped calyx and corolla Numerous exert stamens. The fruit is in a green or reddish brown compressed legume.

Biology 1

Reproduction by seed re-sprout from strain with rapid growth. Flowers in winter and early spring. Very rustic plant, not very demanding of soil, capable of sprouting after fire (the latent seeds also germinate after fire). Also multiplies through stoloniferous roots.

Habitat 1

All kinds of degraded terrains. Also road embankments and garden areas. Produces important alterations along riverbanks. Associated with bacteria of the Rhizobium genus that fixes nitrogen. Cannot withstand shade, to establish itself it needs the terrain to be free of dense arboreal coverage. Cannot withstand hard frosts or strong winds. Prefers acidic substrata.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species, Atlas of Exotic Invasive Plants in Spain.

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species – Flora 1

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