Ageratina adenophora (Spreng.) King & H. Rob.

Crofton weed, sticky snakeroot
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Description 1

Perennial herbaceous shrub, 1-2 m. Green, reddish or purple coloured stems when young, turning browner with age. Numerous, erect, smooth and cylindrical with few branches to the apex. Covered in sticky hairs when young. Dark green leaves with diamond or triangular shape, arranged in opposite pattern on the stem; 5-8 cm long and 3-7.5 wide; with serrated edges. Tubular flowers, white in colour, some 3.2 mm in length and grouped in heads of 5-10 mm in diameter.

Biology 1

Flowers from May to June. It is an agamospermic triploide plant, capable of reproducing a large number of seeds, albeit with low germinative capacity. Reproduces well via vegetation, easily taking root in low-lignified cuttings. It prospers in tropical and sub-tropical climates with mild winters without frosts.

Habitat 1

Inland riparian environments (springs, cold seeps and other humid enclaves, puddles and ponds). Humid mountainous forests. Medium altitude bushlands. Urbanised areas. Agricultural lands and green areas of anthropic origin. Requires certain edaphic humidity. Rejected by livestock. Can withstand moderate salinity. High growth capacity and expansion and not very selective in choice of habitat.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species and Fichas documentales de las EEI del RD 630/2013 [Fact files of the Exotic Invasive Species Act 630/2013].

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1

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