Amandava amandava (Linnaeus, 1758)

Red avadavat, red munia, strawberry finch
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Description 1

Small bird, measuring 10 cm and weighing 10 g. Young males have striking plumage, an intense red colour with greenish tints on the crest and back and white stripes under the eyes. The beak, also red is strong, thick and conical with a blackish area at the base of the culmen. The wings and sides are dark red in colour, with white spots. Short and round tail, with black feathers. Females display a brilliant orange-yellow chest and abdomen.

Biology 1

When they breed, the male becomes aggressive towards other males and females of the same species. Breeds in autumn, laying 4 to 6 eggs several times in each season. An omnivorous feeder, its food is varied: seeds, fruit, plants and insects.

Habitat 1

They nest in river areas with marsh vegetation but also appear in paddy fields, irrigated crop fields, etc. It is a bird of gregarious habits when not in breeding season, joining in flocks of up to 100.

Sources 1

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Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Birds 1

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