Asparagopsis armata (Harvey, 1855)

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Description 1

Pink coloured red algae species. Gametophyte formed by a central cylindrical axis 1 m wide and up to 30 cm tall, irregularly branched, principally on the upper part. Close to the base, it forms harpoon-like spiny, stoloniferous branches. Spherical shrubs with a cotton-like appearance, filamentary and well branched.

Biology 1

Great vegetative reproduction capacity. Annual species with a heteromorphic life cycle alternating between a gametophyte phase and tetrasporophyte phase, which can live in the same habitat. Opportunist species that expands in different ways: in the gametophyte phase it attaches itself to floating material and in the tetrasporophyte phase it disperses by way of floatation. Lacks predators when it produces toxic substances and has a rapid growth rate.

Habitat 1

In its gametophyte phase it grows over hard substrate or, like epiphyte, over other algae, in well-illuminated upper infralittoral zones and with a certain degree of hydrodynamism. In its tetrasporophyte phase it shares this habitat and can extend itself to deeper areas of the circalittoral zone. It survives between 5-25oC, with optimum growth of 9-23oC, temperature being the principal factor limiting its distribution.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species, Project invasIBER.

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Algae 1

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