Buddleja davidii Franchet

Summer lilac, butterfly-bush, orange eyemariposas, lilo de verano
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Description 1

Deciduous shrub up to 4 m. Ovate or spear-shaped leaves up to 20 cm, with toothed margin, densely tomentose and greyish on the back. Flowers in dense end panicles up to 35 cm, very scented, with the corolla lobes in purple and the throat in orange. Fruit in long bivalved capsule of 5-10 mm. Many small seeds, sometimes winged.

Biology 1

Flowers from June to November which are pollinated by butterflies. The seeds are spread in the wind and cuttings take root well. Ability to re-sprout from the root after being cut, o after the death of the aerial segment due to low temperatures. Rapid and vigorous growth. Seeds production varies based on cultivars and may reach 40,000 seeds per bunch.

Habitat 1

River banks, roadsides, disturbed areas and tips, deteriorated ruderal environments and garden areas. It can tolerate polluted environments and basic soils. It does not tolerate prolonged drought; in dry climates it only thrives in damp soils. It can tolerate low temperatures. It prefers fresh and well-drained soils. The removal of the natural plant cover and the canalization of rivers due to the destructive action on the pre-existing vegetation favour its expansion.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species, Atlas of Exotic Invasive Plants in Spain.

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1


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