Carpobrotus edulis (L.) N.E. Br

Hottentot-fig, highway ice plant, pigface
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Descripción 1

Fleshy perennial plant with long crawling stalks of a woody base. Bright green leaves, sometimes purple at the ends, with a waxy texture and a triangular section, of 4-13 cm in length, with the middle section in an equilateral triangle; very succulent, straight or erecto-patent leaves. Solitary flowers which open with full sun, very colourful, of 8-10 cm of diameter; they may be purple, yellow or orange. Different petals, 3 external petals of 20-45 mm, oblong in shape; 2 smaller internal petals, with the margin widely scarious. Yellow stamens. Fleshy and indehiscent fruit, with many seeds.

Biology 1

Very active vegetative propagation and asexual reproduction by agamospermy together with the fruit productions by sexual reproduction. Blooms in spring and beginning of summer. Allogamous and entomophilous fertilisation. Fleshy fruits spread by rodents and other animals feeding on them. Bitter leaves, not palatable. The seeds germinate in large numbers after fire. CAM photosynthesis.

Habitat 1

Urbanised areas. Agricultural lands and green areas of anthropic origin. Halophytic coastal stretch. Coastal cliffs. Temperate climates; they do not tolerate moderate or repeated frosts. It can tolerate drought, salinity and sandy substrate. It needs exposure to full sun.

Sources 1

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Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1

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