Cotula coronopifolia L.

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Description 1

Annual stoloniferous herbaceous plant. It is glabrous, decumbent, scented, with stalks up to 20 cm. Sheath-shaped linear leaves, which may be entirely or slightly toothed. They do not have a leaf stalk. Flowers in terminal axillary capitula hanging, of a 5-10 mm diameter. Female external flowers without corolla and with a long pedicel. 1.5 mm achene-type fruit, strongly compressed and winged, without pappus.

Biology 1

It flowers from March to August. It reproduces by seeds and maybe vegetatively. It is probably self-compatible and self-pollinating, as many plants comprised of small flowers. Water birds contribute to its expansion.

Habitat 1

Non-native species which have adapted to swamps, paddy fields and salty and wet environments. It needs very wet substrates and it lives in muddy areas, muddy soils and banks with high salinity. Swamp coastal communities, reed beds of Juncus maritimus with Carex extensa swamp pioneer communities with Arthrocnemum perenne and Spergularia marina.

Sources 1

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