Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus, 1758)

Common carp

Description 1

Big cyprinid fish, usually exceeding 70 cm. Protrusible and terminal mouth, with two sensory barbels on each side of the mouth. Sides with golden tones which become dark on the back. Darker long side fin with a first strong and bone sawn. Between 33-40 scales in lateral line. Different breeds due to intensive farming, the "common carp" has all its body covered by scales.

Biology 1

Males generally take one more year to mature in comparison with females, and it is estimated that they reach sexual maturity at the age of three. Spawn occurs in late spring or at the beginning of the summer, in shallow areas and thick vegetation. Between 100.000-200.000 eggs per kg of weight, which hatch in 4 days at a temperature of 15-20oC. Omnivorous feeder (plant residues, insects, crustaceans, fingerlings, etc.), with a preference for benthic invertebrates.

Habitat 1

They prefer slow-running or standing waters, with muddy bottoms and a warm or mild temperature, being able to tolerate low oxygen levels and water pollution. Adults pull up roots, destroy submerged vegetation and muddy the water, which damages other fish species and animals.

Sources 1

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