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Scotch broom, Common broom
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Description 1

Perennial shrub of 1-2 m in height, highly branched. Many branches with 5 long, straight, thin bright green ribs, which are strong and very flexible. Alternate leaves; lower trifoliate leaves with leaf stalks, upper leaves are sessile and simple. Bright yellow flowers, which are fragrant and big, are in the axils of the leaves, the 2cm petals varying from oval-shaped to round. The fruit is a brown-black compressed legume of 25-45 mm, with trichomes in the margins.

Biology 1

It does not usually live more than 10-15 years. It matures during the second year. Sexual (seeds) and vegetative reproduction. The seeds remain viable on the floor for long periods of time. One specimen can produce about 60 pods, each of them with 5-8 seeds. In established populations of more than 7 years, it has been calculated that there can be a maximum of 3500 seeds/m2 on the floor. Low resistance to low temperatures and dryness.

Habitat 1

Wet mountain forests (heathland and bush heathland of Myrica faya and Erica arborea) xerophile green mountain arboreal areas, mesophytic green mountain arboreal areas), Medium altitude bushlands. Agricultural lands and green areas of anthropic origin. Urbanised areas.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species.

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Flora 1

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