Eriocheir sinensis (Edwards, 1853)

Chinese mitten crab, Shanghai hairy crab
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Description 1

Its shell is clear brown in colour, with hairy claws and white extremities (normally of the same size), round and smooth body with a groove between the eyes, four lateral dorsal spines in the shell (the fourth dorsal spine is small) and a maximum shell width of approximately 80 mm. The legs of the adult are generally more than twice the width of the shell.

Biology 1

Adults reproduce in salt water and young individuals head for fresh water where they remain for 2-3 years (areas subject to the tides, where they dig along he banks). Upon reaching maturity, they return to the beach where they gather to lay eggs. After incubation, the larvae emerge. An omnivorous species, juveniles primarily feed on vegetation. When they reach maturity they eat small invertebrates, including worms, clams and small fish.

Habitat 1

Found in temperate climates all over the world as it can withstand a broad range of temperatures. Great adaptability to live in modified aquatic environments, including contaminated waters.

Sources 1

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