Esox lucius (Linnaeus, 1758)

Pike, northern pike

Description 1

Frequently surpassing 70 cm and sometimes reaching 30 years of age and a size of 1 meter in length and weighing up to 25 kg. 110-130 scales on lateral line, greenish in colour with yellowish spots that break the uniformity o the flanks. Large, wide, flat mouth lined with strong teeth. The dorsal fin is located on the back of the body close to the caudal fin and opposite the anal.

Biology 1

Reaches sexual maturity at some 30 cm, 2-3 years. Reproduces between January and March in shallow shore areas with dense vegetation. The female can lay more than 30,000 eggs per kilo of weight, which hatch after 5-30 days depending on the temperature of the water. Consumes invertebrates in the early months of life, gradually moving on to fish which almost exclusively make up the diet once it reaches 30 cm. Can also eat amphibians, reptiles and even small birds.

Habitat 1

No significant migration. Prefers quiet backwaters of rivers with little current and reservoirs where there are cavities, rocks and plentiful vegetation for laying eggs and for refuge for younger individuals from other predatory species and even adult pikes. Territorial and solitary.

Sources 1

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Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Fishes 1

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