Euplectes oryx (Linnaeus, 1758)

Red bishop or southern red bishop
Euplectes_oryx_01 Euplectes_oryx_02

Description 1

The male's head and the front of the neck are red, while the face, forehead and throat are black. The dorsal area is red (sometimes orange) while the breast, flanks and mid stomach area are black. The sides of the inferior caudal area are red. Black beak and eyes. Short, wide tail. Short, wide, round wings. Females are brown-ochre with many dark brown stretch marks, the breast and stomach are cream with a brown crown with dark stripes.

Biology 1

Of gregarious habits, they form nesting colonies. Males are polygamous and build 3-13 oval shaped nests with vegetative material to attract females. They are essentially granivorous feeders, although infrequently eating small insects.

Habitat 1

Polygynous species that inhabits warm and humid areas, valleys with marsh vegetation, irrigated lands, etc.

Sources 1

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Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Birds 1

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