Gambusia holbrooki (Agassiz, 1895)

Eastern mosquitofish

Description 1

Small sized fish that generally does not grow beyond 50 mm. The mouth, featuring small and sharp teeth opens to a slightly oblique and slanting position. The dorsal fin is slightly retards in respect of the anal fins. Sexual dimorphism, females are larger with a more dilated stomach. The anal fin of the mature male stretches in the radials to 3° and 5° forming an organ.

Biology 1

An ovoviviparous species that is precociously fertile. Can reach sexual maturity at 6 months and have between 15-30 fry per birth (up to 3 between April and October). The ratio of male to female is usually 1:4 reaching densities of up to 11,324 individuals/100 m2. Feeds principally on invertebrates, and on the larvae of dipteranm, copepods and aphids.

Habitat 1

Sections of slow shallow water with plentiful vegetation. withstanding contamination well (even in small lagoons with waste water discharges) as well as high temperatures and low concentrations of dissolved oxygen.

Sources 1

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species, Atlas y Libro Rojo de los Peces Continentales de España [Atlas and Red Book of Continental Fish of Spain].

Spanish Catalogue of Exotic Invasive Species - Fishes 1

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