Helianthus tuberosus L.

Jerusalem artichoke, sunroot, sunchoke, earth apple
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Description 1

Perennial herbaceous plant with rhizomatous roots. Stalks of 1-2.8 m in height, branched along the upper section. 10-25 x 7-15 cm oval-spear shaped acuminate leaves with serrated edge and alate stipe, asperous along the shaft with whitish pubescence on the back. Capitule inflorescences of 4-8 cm in diameter, arranged together in corymbiforms, erect and of varying number. Bracts of an involucre dark green colour. Scaly fruit, carrying pappus.

Biology 1

Flowers from August to October. A species that is very tolerant both of high and cold species. Frosts kill the airy parts but the roots can withstand several freezes. At our latitudes, the seeds don't usually reach maturity and therefore reproduction occurs vegetatively by means of the roots.

Habitat 1

Colonizes humid areas and the banks of rivers rich in organic material or biotopes with a strong anthropozoological influence and something of edaphic humidity. Prospers better in substrate with pH levels close to neutral, although it can tolerate 4.5-8.2. Prefers direct exposure to the sun, withstanding a little shade.

Sources 1

Atlas of Exotic Invasive Plants in Spain.

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